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Create own jar bookmark

Looks like most wapmaster became serious about their site traffic. And for every day they have been trying a new thing to promote their site. In that, one of the successful wapmaster tool is java bookmark launcher. It really helps to the people to access the site just in a single click. So every wapmaster should aware of this tool.
In this tutorial i just want to help new wapmasters to create their own java bookmark launcher. Lets begin with a bit of facts.
W Jar file is nothing but a zip file which consist of one META-INF folder. Inside this folder there will be only one file called MANIFEST.MF. And .class files.
W MANIFEST.MF file can be edit with ordinary notepad. It consist the details of who is the owner, name of the application and related.
WMost important file is .class files. It carries the function of application. And it will present in more numbers. Class files can't be edited with text editors. These files can be able to edit only with class editors and hex editors softwares.
Now we going to edit an existing bookmark launcher just replacing with your own logo, icon and site address using mobile phone.
SClass editor.jar
CStep one
Generally a bookmark launcher consist of six files.One META-INF folder(Inside this folder One MANIFEST.MF File), one icon file, one logo file, Three .class files.

First download this demo jar bookmark to your phone. If you are using uc browser just save (dont install!) in your mobile..
CStep two
Open that above mentioned demo jar file and extract by using blueftp.
CStep three
Inside this file you will find MANIFEST folder. Inside this edit file with your name and details using any text editor. Now use class editor to edit class files. You will see 3 class files named a.class, b.class and prem.class. dont edit first two classes. Leave them as it is. Just open prem.class with the editor and it will show just edit and use your url.
CStep four
Then there will be two .png files. One is ico.png which is your application's icon. Createan icon with size 46x46 size. And logo.png is your Logo. Usesmall size about 150x100.
CStep five
Now you have edited manifest file, prem.class file. And replaced icon and logo file. But be careful in editing as a small changes May cause invalid file. When you are done, by using blueftp again compress all files to jar format. Thats all. You have done your own bookmark launcher.!

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