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1.Add your site to search engines likeGoogle,Yahoo. Generally Google automatically adds new site to its search engine. But it takes time. So its better to add your site url immediately when you built your site. And note, just adding a site to search engine does not mean that your site will visible to your keywords. You need to optimize your site friendly to search engine spiders.
2.Participating in forums that are related to your niche will improve your traffic. Forum is the most hot place for internet users. So it is always worth to advertise your site in forum site. Sharing about your site makes visitors curious to visit your site. And if they like they May bookmark your site.
3.Backlinks is another way to promote your site. When you cross any site that is related to your niche you can offer back link from that site owner. Back link is nothing but adding others site url in your page. In turn that site owner add your url to his site. Thus both get benefits. But make sure that only offer back link to the site which is related to your content.
4.Mobile directories play very important role in raising traffic of the site. There is a lot of mobile directories in the net. In that most popular directories areBestTop,SurfWap,WapTrack. Most people add their site under adult category as most hits to that. But it is not a wise idea. File your site under appropriate category.
5.Share about your site in social networks likeFaceBook,Twitter,Orkut. If you have many friend in social media you can yield more traffic. But dont stuff more.
6.Commenting on others site with your site url will get considerable traffic. Note that site to be related to your site.
7.You might noticedYahoo AnswersIn search results of Google. It is respected to most reputed site. Your can suggest something and drop your site url when a question arisen related to your site. Most peoples cross yahoo answers. so make use of it.
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Join affiliates program
Most widely using method to earn is sell space of your wap site. There are few good advertisements programs in the way. If you have i decent traffic you can earn a good cash. All you have to do is place sponcer's advertisements in your site. Ad May be in the text, graphic banner, inline text ads. As i said before, here too you have to pick ads that perfectly fits to your niche. Some of them pick adult ads which is irrelevant as they have more revenue. This May sometime spoil your sites reputation. And consider about your sites appearance and select the graphic banners. And dont bow to large dimensions banner. As they are large in memory space. And takes much time to load.
Here's is a popular advertisement networks. Each has its own merits. So make use of this.
You canTake a lookhere to see the minimum payout, and more about the codes and help.
Affiliate programs are dynamic method to earn money. Affiliations are nothing but you have promote a branded or developing services in your site. You can earn commissions and revenue for each downloads, subscription, sign up.. So it seems to be easy without taking much risk other than just putting a simple snippet of script in your page. Generally affiliation scheme can be categorized in to non adult and adult. If you are running a adult site that support adult services can be benefit by adult affiliates program. And other non adult and honest, reputed site can use general affiliates programs.
These are general affiliation programs deals with multimedia products and services. So it can be used generally in all types of sites. Even in adult sites. Should take care while selecting the service as that should be related to yours. Take a look below to get an idea about the affiliations.
Adult affiliation programs are hotter schemes which easily attracts visitors through its graphic banner and services. And that why most newbies using this type no programs in their site even it is not related to it. Certainly it is not much fair. Adult affiliations are powerful only in adult pages. And using it in irrelevant site May harm its reputation. so as much as possible avoid using in general sites. Here is a adult affiliates list.
Jugg Cash
Naughty America
Click Here
Reference programs are easiest and effective way to earn money from mobile site. As we all know about earning methods such as like earn from surveys, selling ebooks, paid to read emails, paid to write... however we cant apply all techniques in the mobile site. But luckily we can implement reference method. All you have to do is just join in money making sites and get the reference code. That all to set. Simply put that code in your page and start making i have given some good reference scheme programs sites. Take a look.
Clix Sense
Free Banners


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