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Wolfram Review

WOLFRAMalpha is a Unique search engine or a calculator which can solve a mathematical expressions and its related queries.
You can make use of this site as a calculator, Calendar, clock, dictionary, encyclopedia, book, Weather report, and anything else. Actually it deals with everything in this world from calculating, fetching current status, astronomy, physics, chemistry, history, geography, Computer, language, statistics, algebra, programming, food, education, music and much mooore...
Here's is a few examples of simple queries. And you will surely freeze if you see the answers for those.
1 apple + 2 oranges
ISBN 978-0-691-11880-2
total length of highways in the US
sin /@ {pi/6, pi/5, pi/4, pi/3, pi/2, pi}
Where am I?
How many days until Labor Day?
drugs prescribed for type 2 diabetes
Oscar for best actress 1958
It is really an awesome site of the internet. Just take a look on it. Soon you'll become a Worlfram freaky!

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