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If you are wiling to earn money online without investment, you need a blog/website/web page/wapsite. there are infinite number of free blog, free web hosting, free wapsites. however those free stuffs contains their own advertisement, and gives secondary domain name (yoursitename.domain.com), some would not allow large memory space. and these all few drawbacks in free hostingstuffs. but still you have a chance.i will recommend BLOGSPOT and WORDPRESS blogging. its because, if you try free hosting webpage, it leads to drop down your chance of ranking in search engines. so please prefer these blog sites.and they allow listings in search engines like GOOGLE SEARCH, YAHOO SEARCH, BING SEARCH.actually, these both sites are easy yo use, more comfortable.but for newbies i suggest BLOGSPOT! its simple and effective. on further reading you will come to know how it is power full.
Naming of the blog
name of the blog is very important. you should take care of naming your blog. for instance, you might choose you name like, johnedwin.blogspot.com and wrote about share market business. but your chance goes to another blogger who names his blog like, online -shares.blogspot.com, when people search for a word 'sharemarket'.so be cautious and aware of whats about your content andyour name for the blog. give name relevant to your content. most important thing is, your blog name should be related to you stuff and meanwhile your name MUST contain KEYWORD. keyword is nothing but the people searching words in search engines. to find your content keyword, use google keyword online.hence your name of the blog should be both relevant and keywordoriented.
ALogo style
is logo necessary for a blogger? yes, definitely! it makes you blog as profession looking. so by placing a good logo, it helps you in future foremail advertisement, blog roll,directories listing. as likeprevious paragraph, create your logo simple and related. here is a most using free logosites. just get in and create you logo free. Cooltext and Logoeasecreate logos with 100 percent transparency. so that it will fix in your blog perfectly. it may be a name logo or symbol logo. it depends upon your wish.
ATemplate design
template? what it is going to do in earning business? in fact, it does nothing. and thats what it should do. got it? see, if you choose your template very dark and in contrast colors, it makes yourreader irritate. so, never choose like so. just use simple, pale color palatte templates. hence, your template should do nothing toyour reader. and if your content is about foreign exchange, never choose love,gamey template. it puts you back from professional looking.
AImage handling
generally,images, pictures,photos and animated pictures attracts reader. takeadvantage and make use the chance. but, there is a problem. don't upload more images. use two or three images per post. its highly enough. and don't use copyright images. it may leads to prosecute you. if you think a copyright image will perfectly fits for your content, just write 'soure from SITENAME' below theimage. So it doesn't harm you.
right now you stepped into the serious platform. remember, you are creating your blog for earning money. so, you have to satisfy your reader that your content is valuable. just think like content rewards you money. hence, quality of your contentequals to money earning possibility. if you raise your content quality it directly increases your earnings. if you are failed to provide a power full, essential content,there will be no visitors, no tariff. obviously, you cant earn even a single penny from your own blog.in blogging there are two types of content writing. one is FRESH and another is EVER FRESH.EVER-FRESH content is nothing but writing about valuable stable things, like me.see, iam writing about A COMPLETE GUIDE TO EARN MONEY ONLINE FROM YOUR OWNBLOG WITHOUT INVESTMENTand this thing never going to change with time. I'm not going to post anymore furtherthan else this article. but there is a people who need guide can reach my page, today.tomorrow, a week later, after a month, in 2012... so, those people make use of this site. and i will earn from ads. hence, its a one time job. once you write about like this, you will get visitors. . so, newbie who dont have a personal computer can adoptthis method.

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