Introduction to blog

Blogging is one of the healthiest way to earn moneyonline. And easiest way too. Ithink blog is the best platform for newbies to get started. This might be the Reason why most people sticked to it and became a blog freaky.If you are beginner exactly what you have to do is, just figure out the atmosphere of blog. Knowing background of blog is the most important step you should take first.Because most newbies think that they can post whatever in the blog and thus monetizetheir blog. Actually that is not up to the fact. There where lot of stuffs around.Once you stepped in to the blogosphere in the intention to earn money, certainly you have to follow some procedures. So that you can survive in the field. Well, before getting in to those basics i will show the simple
steps in the blogging. So that you can come over thosesteps accordingly.
1. Choose free/paid blog service.

2. Select your favorite niche.

3. Pick the name of the blog related to your niche.

4. Write the first post relavent to the topic.

5. Start posting article with regular period.

6. Start studying seo.

7. Add your blog to search engines and directories.

8. Promote the blog

9. Apply affiliations programs.
These nine steps May seems to be easy. But behind every step there is a strategy.

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