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L99 web design resources
Best handy collections for webmasters
L6500 mysql Vulnerable sites
Learn mysql injection technique
CAirtel proxy sites for free browsing
Free airtel browsing tricks
LCreate gmail multiple id
Multiple gmail address for a single account
LShare your favorite page instantly
share and email your favorite page in a click
LNew megaupload time hack trick
No more waiting. Download instantly with this trick
LGoogle search tricks
Steal content from unprotected directories
LUnlock your mobile phone
Top 5 sites to unlock your phone
LBookmarklets for your mobile browser
Now make your move quick and easy
LCreate java bookmark launcher
Create a unique bookmark launcher
LKeyboard shortcut keys
Usefull shortcuts in .txt format
LSend anonymous mail
Hide your identity 100%
LPc tricks collection
Huge collection of pc tricks and tutorials
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