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What is seo?

SEO is one of the hot topics for webmasters and website designers. Everyone wants their site to be listed in search engine result page. Unfortunately only very few websites are survived in the search engine results. So you can infer something is there which filters/neglect these sites. Yeah this is seo. It generally stands for search engine optimization. Means the legal and honest techniqueshandled to place your website in results page in various search engines like Google, yahoo, bing.. but most people prefer Google search engine. You might even notice Google is the homepage for most browsers. So the ultimate object for a webmaster is to throw his website in first page of Google results.
As i said in the beginning seo is most important part in webdesigning. You might come across a plenty of articles, websites, snippets, blogs... But the worst thing is they all made seo a complex. Obviously it is not such hard to understand.Today there were many legible good websites are suffering from lack of visitors. They cant able to step in to Google's result page. The reason behind is seo.
Right now i am going to unveil the seo secrets. So that you can easily optimize your site to search engines.

Do you know how Google fetch the websites from the word you given? knowing this will give you an idea about seo. Google bots or spiders are electronic employees for Google to crawl the most relevant search results. When you enter an word in search bar, the bots / spiders start to search the most relevant sites to the word you given. And this word is generally refers to KEYWORDS .Think like a seeker and findout what are the words would completely describe your niche of your web page. So always make sure that you have inserted those keywords in your page. Then these spiders filter the results according to PAGE RANK. Page rank will generally depends upon lot of basic factors. And BACK LINK is one of them. Back link is one of the important criteria to be considered. Back link is nothing but the number of websites having your web site link. So more you popular the more will be the chances to step in forward in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). Finally the spiders sort the list by UPDATION.

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