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In recent days, the fashion of exchanging link became a quite popular among the wapmasters. May be the reason of competence to survive in this internet pool. But the grey side of this link exchange seems to be a bit strange.
I mean it in the sense of approaching. Link exchange is one of the Search Engine Optimization , whereby you can increases your page rank plus the visibility of your site. Here is a features of link exchange system and know about why you should prefer exchange link.

1. By exchanging link with many wapmasters, your link will have a wide visibility in the internet. So you will gain more visitors from their site. Hence, your traffic raises.
2. The more you exchange the more will be the incoming links to your site. Which makes the priority of page rank. Once your page rank raises, the Google puts you in the first page of the Google results. Again from Google, your site traffic increases!
3. If you gain more link partners then your reputation goes to the top.
Hope you got some knowledge about link exchange. The most fascinating thing is, how you prefer your partners site for link exchange. Because most wapmasters fails to do an impressive link exchange system. So take a look of this points to know the criteria of link exchange.

1. Site should have a large traffic or even near to moderate traffic.
2. It should possess high rank. The incoming link from a high page rank will raise your site's PR. So before exchanging link with the partner check its page rank by usingPage Rank Checker Tool.
3. Ensure that your partner's site is relevant to yours niche. So that people will wish to take a look on yours.
4. Should have a good looking and reputation.
Well, these are the common things you should look on the site. And here is a list which you should not prefer to exchange link.
1. Dont link with under constructing wap site.

2. Dont exchange link with the site which does not match to your niche.
3. Avoid secondary domain sites. They are considered to be less value. So as much as possible make link exchange with top level domain.
Once you setup your link exchange page dont name like "link exchange". It gives a alien feel to your visitors. And they will hesitate to click that page. So its always recommend to name the page like,"related sites".

And check your link exchange page often whether there is any broken links. And also take a look on the link exchanged site, to ensure that they put your links still. So, make use of link exchange system in a way that gives you good result in back.

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